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Astrid Lirith [Holy Archeress]

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Astrid Lirith [Holy Archeress] Empty Astrid Lirith [Holy Archeress]

Post  SykR on 3/24/2013, 1:54 am

Name: Astrid Lirith

Alias: Holy Archeress

Alignment/Race: Prophiluxian Prophesi, Orbitus


- Light brown hair, often down to her waist, but occasionally cut short at the shoulders.
- Soft blue eyes, slightly turquoise (blue-green mix)
- Fair skin
- 5' 6"
- Wears a white cloth armor, with blue trim; a single shoulderpad with an arm guard (against the bow string). Often wears a large blue ribbon.


- Originally very shy, usually stuck around Eradirith after he saved her from burning wreckage
- Outgoing, generally doesn't like fights, but proves very lethal to stop them
- Caring and protective, almost motherly


- Medic field, ranked #1 out of even the best of the best Rho Medics.
- Sniper-like archeress, known for her "goddess-like" archery skills
- Can heal without any tools, either by creating a holy healing arrow out of celestial particles, or by hand
- Generally holds a Holy Lacrima which allows her to enchant things with celestial light (healing or piercing).


- Gradient Arc

Astrid's bow, a weapon given to her by her unknown father, which she clung to her chest protectively amidst the burning wreckage that she was saved from. It is actually a compact fist-sized container, which summons an energy arc and a string of energy that generally manifests itself as a bow. Any celestial particle cast on it will form into an arrow (formed by the imagination of the user) and be launched with ease.

- Crest Dagger

A small, exotic Draconic-style dagger that she carries for protection. It looks dull, but with celestial enchantment, it can become a very sharp, extremely durable blade.

Special Abilities:

- Wings of Liberty

Astrid has the power to render her body weightless, allowing her to "fly" or "glide" across large gaps. She is generally an aerial support-like fighter, staying back or high in the air, as a target difficult to strike.

- Divine Blessing

A blessing imbued upon her in birth by a sage, it allows her to control celestial elements to her advantage and at others' disadvantage.


Astrid has an obscure background, having been found in burning wreckage of her village by Eradirith Leonidus in his own escape from the Vesper Laboratory. Even she herself has little memory of what occurred in the past, and generally tries to avoid finding out.

She establishes a close bond to Eradirith, him being her savior, but also as a protector and guardian. They are very close, almost lovers, but due to Eradirith's aging body and younger mental image, they cannot establish a stable relationship. However, neither really care and generally just enjoy being around each other.

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