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Katelyn Holst [Rho-005]

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Katelyn Holst [Rho-005] Empty Katelyn Holst [Rho-005]

Post  SykR on 2/17/2013, 2:10 pm

Name: Katelyn Holst

Alias: Rho Medic Specialist - 005

Alignment/Race: Prophiluxian Human


- Reddish-orange hair cut short to the shoulders
- Light blue eyes
- Pale skin
- 5' 5"
- Wears white with red trim, classic medical attire
- In combat, wears a full-body medic suit, armored mostly around the chest and shoulders.


- In her younger years, very cold and strict, attitude difficulties
- Becomes more tolerant, thanks to Thom's incessant "failure" flirt attempts


- Medic field, ranked #3 out of all Medics despite taking the title "Rho-005"
- Contracts the green "Healing Flame" when she is around 19.
- Enters Bryzn at a young age and graduates about 1 year older than Thom.
- Specialized in all fields of medical training


- Medic Rifle SR-0015

Originally a combat-issued medic protection rifle, Thom had helped to revise it with his Workshop abilities. Now instead of just firing pulsar rounds that could interchange between lethal and nonlethal paralysis, it is equipped with assault rifle rounds and an underbarrel laser system.

- Sunbeam AXR2

The pistol is a nonlethal version of Thom's multi-lethal Anaconda. It fires 6 rounds of electro-plasmic bolts that paralyze and catalyze wounds that may appear from previous volleys.

- Fairbairn-Sykes Blade-Version II

Katelyn carries four compact versions of these famous blades on each thigh at quick access for throwing/stabbing. She routinely sharpens them every week and swaps them out after two days of service on the field.

Special Abilities

- Healing Flame

Katelyn Holst becomes a Healing Flame conduit after she contracts it from a Flame Lacrima. It takes on a green hue, meaning that it has a wide range of uses. Despite it being an intense power to control, Holst immediately became accustomed to its uses and trained on making it more useful. At her young age accompanying Thom on a reconnaissance mission, she didn't have enough skill to be able to stop the enormous loss of blood he had from the derailed train debris. This was her motivation for mastering the art.


Katelyn Holst was orphaned on the same planet as Thom when he lost his: Novum. She survived for about a year and a half before succumbing to starvation. Bryzn Academy students on a search&scan mission managed to catch her sprawled across the floor and took her in. Since she knew her mother more than her father, and she was a medic, Katelyn decided to pursue the field.

Upon the year of her graduation, Holst was teamed up with three others: Keith Holborough, Miranda Corelli and the famous, well-known Thom Huntington. Surprisingly, she wasn't nearly as honored to encounter him as the other two were, and this brought upon some respect from the boy.

Later in her years, she accompanied him many places and eventually accepted Thom's hand in marriage. The wedding gift wasn't a ring, but a replication of Thom's own necklace which provided full-body protection to her and would save her life multiple times on the battlefield. They travelled in separate ways after that, but came together every now and then for a romantic reunion.

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