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The Regal of Amescus

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The Regal of Amescus

Post  Noc on 2/11/2013, 7:16 pm

Hey everyone, my planet and solar system is called Amescus, and it just underwent nuclar war, a few minutes ago. Only a few people survived, but one giant bunker is still there. It's filled with multiple embassies, laboratories, houses, energy generators, genetic labs, androids, and millions of people from all over the world who survived the nukes. Here's a chapter following a guy named Robb:

Adventures of Robb & Cala:

He climbed down the stairs, cautiously tending to his injured leg. The lower level wasn't in much better condition, but it brought him near an old-fashioned computer hooked up to the system. He limped over to the terminal and sat himself down in the chair. Behind him a broken android or something tumbled down the stairs and died. He hastily opened the directory and tried to get some sense of where he was at. He brushed the ashes out of his eye and squinted at the bright little screen, looking for a medical bay or safehouse nearby. The closest med-bay was miles away, but if he could get on an operable transporter he'd definitely go there first.

Robb knew what he was in for. Nights of sleeping under a desk with barely enough food to live, even alone. He looked down at his leg and cringed, then around him, the facility torn to pieces. He knew he was lucky though, to still be alive. The Regal was the last place to get hit, and maybe the last place with any living people on Earth. They would all fry under the radiation, after a few weeks. Out of the millions of people in the Regal, only a handful would survive. "Two ways out." Robb thought aloud. "One. Make it to the rockets in the east before they go off, and fly up to Mars with the colonies." A cloud of ash flew by, and Robb coughed. "Or two. Make it to the preservers in the west and lock yourself in. Maybe a thousand years from now Earth will be habitable again."

Robb looked back at the terminal, and wiped it clean of ash. He was slightly closer to the west, but as everyone knows, the wester Regal-land is nasty and unsafe. Still, thinking his plan through thoroughly, Robb knew the preservers would be open for much longer than the rockets. The majority of rockets are probably being fought over right now, and pursued by people not smart enough to head west. Robb coughed out ash once more, than whispered to himself. "West it is."

He got up, limped over to the next industrial staircase, and made his way down. Limping down the staircase, Robb wasn't able to react when he saw the two men kneeling and pointing shotguns at him.
"Keep walking." One of them said. Robb didn't know what to do, so he listened. He marched down the stairs, making no sudden movements.
“Where are you headed?” The other said, still aiming at Robb with a grin on his face.
“West.” Robb said
“I meant where are you headed right now. Just get a move on, fool.” Robb nodded at the mans orders and picked up his pace towards another staircase down. He was hoping to hit that medical bay first, which was a few levels below him, and about a mile north.The Regal was giant, about 140 miles around, and thousands of layers down, deep into the Earth. The project began centuries ago, but evolved over time. Countries just kept adding more and more to it, letting it act as an embassy of all countries. It’s filled with just about every science experiment known to man, the western end dealing mainly with biotech and robotics. Robb worked on the eastern end his whole life, but he traveled often, and found himself in a completely random location when the nuke hit. Now he was heading into unknown territory, the western Regal-lands.

Robb kept walking towards the med bay, stopping at every computer he could find to make sure he was moving the right way. The facility was in horrible shape, but Robb was lucky enough to be in a barren area, one that most people probably evacuated while he was unconscious. At one point a fire raged below him while he traveled above it, across perforated metal. He limped around with his short rusty pole he used as a cane for another few minutes, until stumbling upon an encased metal bunker, with an expensive metal plaque by the door reading “Laboratory of Arthur Claumer.” Unfortunately it was locked shut to be opened only by fingerprint scan. Robb could get into a few places with his fingerprint, but being in foreign territory he hardly wanted to try. He placed his finger hard against the scanner, and unsurprisingly he remained shut out, only mocked by the robotic voice singing “Unauthorized print” Just as Robb was about about to walk away, the door opened, revealing a young woman in a labcoat.
“Hi, you must be dr. Claumer!” She exclaimed. “Are you ready to begin?” she glanced down at Robb’s lleg, then at the chaos behind him
“Umm...” Robb wasn’t sure what was going on.
“Is your leg alright, sir? I can wrap it up in gauze if that would be good.” She offered, still focused on the outside.
Robb glanced in, only to find an empty living space. “Yeah, that would be great.” He decided he would get his leg fixed up as soon as he could.
The women looked back at Robb. “Please, come in.” She shut the door after him, and he plopped on the nearest couch he saw.
“What is going on out there?” She asked, while looking through her drawers. Robb suddenly felt very awkward.
“You do know what’s going on right now, right?”
She retrieved gauze and tape, then shook her head. “Another raid? I’ve already gotten used to them Mr. Claumer.” She said, jokingly.
Robb figured he’d quit the small talk. “The nukes hit. Everywhere.” The woman dropped her gauze, and reached up to cover her mouth, backing away in panic. She fished around with her hand for something to grasp, completely believing Robb.

“I didn’t...” She barely tried articulating her self, instead hyperventilating and backing up into the counter. “Danny...no” She sobbed, for minutes, and Robb sat, giving her time to soak in the news. She continued crying, louder and louder “noooo... my boy.” Robb stood up when he heard a boom outside.

“It’s okay, I can take you to a safe place in the west.” Robb limped over to her, stopping to pick up the gauze. “But we don’t have much time. This whole area is gradually falling apart.” He was cut off by more uncontrollable sobbing. Outside he heard another boom, followed by the high-pitched scream of a robot. Robb decided to give the girl more time, while he tended to his leg. Minutes later she finally calmed down and gathered herself. “Can you...” She asked, with one last whimper escaping. “take me to my father?”

Robb looked down, unprepared for this. “Where is he?” He asked.

“He’s in Chronolica, the North.” She said. The two of them were far from Chronilica, and the city was close to the surface, possibly fried by the nukes already. Robb was smart enough to know they would probably die anyways, even travelling west.

“Fine. We’re going to Chronolica. We’d better get a move on though.” Robb said. “Might I ask for your name?”

The girl wiped herself dry of tears, and answered. “Cala”. “And you go by Arthur?” Robb tied his gauze tight, and heard another faint boom in the distance, that Cala didn’t notice.

“Oh-no, I’m not dr. Claumer” He said, pronouncing ‘Claumer’ wrong. “My name is Robb.”

Cala smiled nervously. “You mean you lied to me?” Robb looked down awkwardly. “It’s fine, I understand. Shall I pack us some food to carry, or will we just salvage on our way?”

Robb stood up and examined the thick steel door. “We could just stay here until the radiation dies down. Assuming this bunker is safe.” Robb said, before finally noticing the slight tilt the bunker was leaning at, and the uncertainty of sitting still under radiation. “Nevermind the idea, this place is falling apart around us. It’s best we get moving quickly.”

Cala opened the fridge and looked for something sweet. “Then I’ll pack light. There’s a cane in the basement I can get for you, too.” She pulled out a stick of butter and a chocolate bar.

“Any guns?” Robb asked, bluntly.

“There’s a shotgun in the basement, but it’s old. Just sit tight, I’ll get everything we need.” Robert took her advice and hoisted himself up on the counter. To keep his mind at ease, he focused on sorting out the food Cala pulled out earlier, throwing away anything that needed refrigeration. He heard another boom in the distance, and then felt the entire bunker swayed slightly. He nervously grasped on the counter’s edge while the bunker swayed back, slightly leaning east. He heard Cala running back up the stairs. When she reached Robb, she tossed him the shotgun and grabbed the bag of food. “We need to hurry, this place is tilting.” She panted, nervously searching the bunker for important items they might need. She pocketed a picture of her son without giving it a look, and motioned for Robb to hurry up.

They heard another boom from outside, this one somewhat close. “We should figure out what that noise is coming from before we go outside. Are there any surveillance cameras we can check to peek outside?” Robb asked, clutching onto his shotgun and walking towards the cane Cala grabbed for him.

“There isn’t any time! Let’s go.” She grabbed Robb’s hand and pulled him with her without a cane. She opened the door to reveal the outside just as Robb left it, except slightly more broken. In the distance they could see a survivor carrying an automatic rifle and wearing a bulletproof vest. This time Robb grabbed Cala by the hand and hurried her out of the man’s sight, before he noticed them. “Just you and me for now, we don’t know who to trust.” He said, but Cal didn’t seem worried over the man.

The two walked and reached a bridge, spanning over two perforated metal platforms. Far below it was another platform, with a small broken-down zeppelin surrounded by people. Robb and Cala crossed the bridge without looking down.

“Why are we traveling downward?” Cala asked, finally breaking the silence. “Chronolica is several levels up.”

Robb looked back at her. “There’s a hospital real close. I want to get my leg patched up before we go to Chronolica.”

“We’re not traveling by foot after that are we? We could hitch a zeppelin or a transporter, even under these conditions.

“Zeppelins aren’t safe, and working transporters aren’t plentiful under these conditions.”

Cala stopped at the elevator on the right. “We still need to go down, huh?” Robb pushed the call button, and held his gun up at the door, just in case. When the doors slid open, they revealed an empty elevator. The two stepped in, and Robb pressed the floor number. The doors closed again, and the elevator slowly declined. It came to stop before it should’ve, causing Robb to hold his gun up at the door again. When the doors slid open to an empty room on the wrong floor, Robb lowered his gun in confusion. Then they heard a shot, and their freefall began...

Hope you enjoyed, the next chapter will be called "The Gene Theif" and will feature somebody else entirely.


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