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Ray Solarius [The Light Warrior]

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Ray Solarius [The Light Warrior] Empty Ray Solarius [The Light Warrior]

Post  SykR on 10/13/2012, 9:07 pm

Name: Ray Solarius

Alias: Solar, The Light Warrior

Alignment/Race: Templar Prophesi / Solstinian


- Golden-blond straight hair
- Bright gold eyes
- Pale/Fair skin
- About 6'
- Has no preference on clothing (perhaps bright colors)


- When young, joking and comical but protective.
- At older ages, cynically humorous and more reserved


- Light manipulation (can create illusions and solidify light)
- Dissipation (can turn body into light (become "untouchable" but cannot attack physically)
- Solar powers (can summon light and conduct fire)
- Speed (Mach-20, close but not exactly the same as teleportation).
- Martial Arts (he's at least better at the fundamentals and variety than the other Prophesi)
- Purification Nova
- Awakened Abilities


- ECO and ESU: Energy Conduit Orb (allows him to conduct energy types [enhances his element manipulation ability]), and Energy Storage Unit (allows him to store energy types in his armor) allow him to reach a high potential on the battlefield. Can only be used during solidified form.

- Blaze Gauntlet: Equipped on his right arm, allows him to summon fire to conduct with his power. Attached are two ESUs, allowing him to combine up to 3 fireballs to create an enormous combustible explosion or combine with 3 lightning charges and create one of his signature moves: the Spark Combustion.

- Spark Gauntlet: Equipped on his left arm, allows him to conduct lightning that he summons and fire it in beams or bolts. Attached are two ESUs, allowing him to combine up to 3 charges of lightning to create a continuous beam of energy or combine with 3 fireballs and create one of his signature moves: the Spark Combustion.

- Light Blade: Ray's signature weapon. The only criteria for the weapon to be summoned is the presence of light in the area. The Level One form can be summoned at any time but does not have equal power compared to that in the presence of light. It has three forms: the blade, the chakram, and the shield:

= Light Blade: At level one and requiring minimal energy to summon, Ray can choose whether to have just one longsword-type Light Blade or two shorter blades attached to his arms. The blade itself is actually not solid, but rather the agitated movement of many light particles with enough energy to cut many metals in half.

= Light Chakram: This weapon resembles a Foldable [Only admins are allowed to see this link] (through research, this is the closest resemblance I have seen). It can be shaped like a four-prong claw or a full + shaped bladed weapon. Ray holds the weapon in the very center and generates the weapon with electricity, causing it to spin at very high speeds. It can deflect even lasers and photon weapons as well as chop metal or lead bullets in half. He uses it mainly when running through a battlefield.

= Light Shield: Take the idea of the Light Chakram and imagine a frame built around it. Then imagine a singular Light Blade in the other hand. That's all. Really.

Special Abilities:

Awakened Spell Ability: Purification Nova

When in a desperate situation or need of an extremely powerful AoE attack, Ray (only when in contact of Syk) can call upon the legendary forgotten power of the Memris, the Purification Nova. His glyph (as of 2012, a blindingly golden circle with four triangles pointing outwards) appears on his summoning hand. A glyph (with a different, more exotic design) also appears on his forehead.

Ray is in charge of the Nova. By name, a nova is more of a radius attack, meaning it's circular. Ray takes all the energy of a radial effect and concentrates it into a beam, resulting in a more devastating attack. Syk is in charge of the Charge, a concentrated mass of Darkness and Psy, about the size of a marble. The amount of element within the marble is near infinity however, and therefore, the marble itself weighs near equal the weight of Omega's Planetary Cruiser. Obviously, the creation is very unstable.


Ray (Solar) lives with his brother, Sokade and mother in Solsti, the planet within the sun. There, he used to lead a peaceful life catching fish, selling fish, and buying food to bring home. He also developed strong muscles from trotting around the huge market and back home for nearly all his life. He grew to be protective over his younger brother but was also very cheerful and playful.

That is, until Dahk struck and began the First Dark Era.

Ray managed to spot a Memris Canal taking the form of a forest and entered it, teleporting to Psyrria in ruins. He made friends with Syk but was pulled back to Solsti before long. About a couple Human months later, he managed to get back into the Canal but this time, was sent to the Memris Prison where Dahk and Syk were trapped. He freed Syk, but not knowing his identity due to a completely altered personality.

Of course, they became pals again and joined forces to defend the Temples (it was before they joined up that Ray had actually saved the Temple of Control). Around the Second Dark Era, about a couple months after Syk had contracted Dahk's soul, Ray started noticing his best friend changing. When Syk finally betrayed them (or was corrupted and began attacking the Templars), Ray finally thought it was enough and entered his Awakened State, learning a "half-as-powerful version" of the Purification Nova, purifying Syk from his corruption.

Syk, after his rejuvenation, learned the other half. But Ray had changed as well. No longer was he the joking, cheerful person he used to be, but instead a cynical, reserved individual who prefers working alone, or with small, skilled groups. However, he is still an honored soldier and Honor Guard to Omega himself. Ray also found himself leading the Emerald and Platinum Templar Specialists Squads for the Templar Army.

Indeed, quite the fast progression.

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