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Thom Huntington

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Thom Huntington Empty Thom Huntington

Post  SykR on 10/12/2012, 3:54 pm

Name: Thom Huntington

Alias: The Gunner

Alignment/Race: Templar Prophesi / Human(oid)


- Orangish-brown hair
- Bright green eyes
- Light, fair skin (occasional tan)
- Almost always has a bright smile on his face
- Handsome and badass
- About 5' 9" (Child 5' 1")
- Prefers to wear a suit and jacket with a scarf
- Enjoys wearing cargo shorts "'cause they have so many damn pockets"


- Joking, second-most comical of all Prophesi (until Ray had to deal with Syk's turning), and very flirtatious
- Energetic but maintains enough seriousness to not make mistakes in combat
- Only serious "when the girls need it"


- Soldiers' Glyph [will be described in future section]
- Firearm master, shows off a bit too much
- Weapons Workshop and Engineering
- Flirts


- Soldiers' Glyph (to be described later)

- Generation X Anaconda: His signature revolver created first when he was 12 at the Academy he enrolled in long ago, he kept refining it until he lost track of how many generations he created. It has 4 reload systems in one and 5 functions: assault, revolver, sniper, shotgun, and energy.

= Assault: Uses a clip system (60). Burst fire and fully-automatic modes.
= Revolver: Uses a revolving-tray system. Fires as fast as he can pull the trigger (almost faster than the automatic assault). Holds 12 rounds.
= Sniper: Uses a clip system (5). Fires long sniper rounds. Needs extended barrel attachment.
= Shotgun: Uses a shell system (12). Fires buckshot or explosive/fire rounds. Needs extended barrel attachment.
= Energy: Uses a photon cartridge system (100). Fires a continued stream of electricity and plasma. Cartridge runs out in approximately 10 seconds of continued use.

- Total Mass Destruction Gun: More of a fun-gun that most likely will not be used in battles, it resembles a large particle cannon that fires an invisible projectile with the potential to destroy a large portion of the battlefield. It can fire a total of 4 times. It also plays a recording of the William Tell's Overture, and wherever the "cannon" fires, the TMDG does as well.

- .75 Cal Hand Cannon: Thom loses his right arm in a freak train accident (during a mission, a cargo train derailed and missed his body narrowly, taking his right arm instead. He went into a coma not long afterwards). In the mechanical arm he has now, there is a .75 Caliber pistol fitted in. To fire it, the only criteria he needs is to extend his arm straight for the firing mechanism to take form. It has only 3 rounds per "clip", but he uses it only in close-combat or split-second reaction situations.

- Howitzer Shell Cannon: Thom loses his left leg to a Shadow Wrath Tank (he loses a lot of things, doesn't he? No coma this time, he just passes out from anemia). In that leg is a Howitzer Shell Cannon. It isn't full-size of course, but has a similar firing mechanism and uses 1' 5" inch long compact explosive rounds (at full extension it is about 2 - 3' 5" long). Once again, he uses this for only split-second reaction or support situations (like when he is reloading). The Howitzer Shell Cannon requires manual reload, by which all he needs to do is flex his leg and put another shell in. The only criteria for firing the cannon is to bend his leg (the cannon is located in the knee).

Special Abilities:

Soldiers' Glyph:

The Soldiers' Glyph takes up the form of a black-and-white bead necklace. Each bead has an energy decomposition of an arsenal of firearms which can be summoned onto the battlefield or stowed away at any time. Thom pre-stores weaponry into the Glyph and can summon either 4 small weapons (pistols or submachine guns/compact weaponry), 2 medium weapons (assault rifles, semiautomatics, snipers) or 1 large weapon (turret, cannon, TMDG).

Thom was born with the Soldiers' Glyph inside him. It only began taking effect and materializing around when he was 15. All firearm ability before the Glyph came to form was all his own potential and ability.


Thom was born not knowing his parents - or rather, he knew their corpses. After childbirth, his parents were brutally slaughtered by Dahk's Shadows. Only a few memories he remembered: their blood spurting and tainting the walls a dark crimson red and so forth. In later years, when he fully remembered what went on and the origin of the shadows, he vowed revenge and devoted himself to firearm studies.

Thom enrolled in the WXXXXXXXX Academy (starts with a "W" but undetermined) and quickly became well-known for his studies. His school rival was a boy named James Maverick who later took upon the Mercenary Sniper path. Thom himself became acknowledged by the Templar force and Alpha-451 personally offered to take him in.

In the future, Thom loses his right arm and left leg. For his right arm, during a mission near a train station on a Human occupied planet, Shadow Warriors derailed a train but also created a noise-reduction barrier. Thom, not noticing the train barrelling towards him, was only saved by a slight stumble. As a result, the train took his right arm away and he passed out from the sudden nerve impulse, shock, and anemia. He was thrown into a 1-year coma right afterwards.

Thom loses his left leg on the battlefield, running away from an Installation Factory. Upon his escape and letting down his guard for a split second, a Shadow Wrath Tank's particle laser slices his leg off and incinerates it before he has a chance to react. Thankfully, he was saved by Ben and Astrid, and he swore from then on he would never make another mistake.

He never did. Except when he flirts.

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Thom Huntington Empty Thom Huntington [Update 2/15/13]

Post  SykR on 2/16/2013, 1:46 am

Thom Huntington's ultimate-technique weapon has been altered slightly. His attending academy as well as personal relationships has also been altered. He now has a history as a serving soldier before and during serving as an Alpha. He also has a transition of behavior, as well as a background on his purposes for serving the Prophiluxian. The reasons for losing his right arm and left leg have also been updated.

Mass-Dispersal Cannon (TMDG)

The Total Mass Destruction Gun, scientifically labelled the "Mass-Dispersal Cannon", is exactly as the name refers to it as to be. It completely ignores the Conservation of Mass Law by destroying every single particle and reducing it to nothing. In order to do so, it requires an enormous amount of energy and creates an artificial black hole in the form of a laser blast instantaneously.

Thom still summons this weapon from his necklace. However, there are two versions/levels of intensity for this gun. The first version, known as the Alpha Mass-Dispersal Cannon (the beginning), manifests as a triple-pylon'd arm cannon, concentrating the energy with the pylons and firing off a beam. Instead of dispersing the mass, it simply creates an explosive round that implodes, taking a chunk out of whatever it is shot at.

This version uses a solid ammunition in the form of a cartridge that Thom cannot summon. He must first prepare the ammunition before firing. Otherwise, it is completely useless.

The second version, known as the Omega Mass-Dispersal Cannon (the end), manifests as a double-barreled turret larger than Thom himself. This not only drains the energy of the necklace completely, but also relies on some of Thom's own spiritual energy (and some natural energy as well) to fire/manifest. This is the exact same TMDG as the variation is known to be. It also fires once every 5 seconds, around the same counting as the cannon fire in William Tell's Overture.

Thom sometimes hums the tune to himself while firing in order to gauge the timing of the discharge. Later in his life, he actually implements a music player into the weapon to play the tune for him.

Personal Relationships

Thom, during his graduation at the Bryzn Academy (the Academy for Orphaned Children, an outpost near his home planet), was teamed up with three other people that he grew to know and like: Matthew Holborough, Miranda Corelli, and Katelyn Holst. They were demolitionists, tacticians, and medics, respectively.

Thom eventually began to date Katelyn Holst, and proposed to her in his 20s. Despite the marriage, they were often apart due to Thom's occupation as an Honor Guard. Katelyn wears a similar necklace to Thom, although it doesn't manifest weaponry - it is a mobile body shield. She serves as a medic who often accompanies Astrid Lirith on her adventures, being a Rho - 005.


After his parents were brutally murdered, Thom was forced to live in seclusion for about 3 years before being taken in by the Bryzn Academy directors. In this time, he developed a sharp survival instinct as well as a very pessimistic/wary attitude/personality to things. This personality was perceived by others as "depressed" and "moody". However, he was used to being ignored and often stray alone as a star student.

It was until he started developing feelings for Katelyn that he changed.

Loss of Body

In an important reconnaissance mission with the Rho medic, Thom's right arm was brutally ripped off by the wheels of a derailed train. They were hiking down a mountain when the debris of the train came out of nowhere, without a sound but the whooshing of air (that was masked by the mountain's own natural air), came in contact with his shoulder joint and ripped the limb clean off.

Thom was too busy worrying about Katelyn before he realized that he was right-armless. He managed to lug himself to a nearby shack before passing out from anemia. Luckily, since Katelyn was a trained medic, he got back safely and endured a painful session of adding an autobiological machine-arm to his body.

Later in his life, Thom confronts a tank in a saboteur mission. He was simply too far to be able to get to it before a single, defective explosive round came in contact with his leg below the knee and shred it. Unfortunately for him, it was beyond the help of regenerative magic and had to be amputated. Thom's vow to never lose another limb was thus lost and he endured another painful trial.

As stated before, the right arm eventually became a .50 cal pistol that could hold up to 6 rounds.
The left leg eventually became a .75 mini-howitzer cannon that could fire 2 rounds.

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