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Syk Ristrandeltis [Dark Hope]

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Syk Ristrandeltis [Dark Hope] Empty Syk Ristrandeltis [Dark Hope]

Post  SykR on 10/11/2012, 10:46 pm

Name: Syk Ristrandeltis

Alias: Psychic, The Mind Warrior

Alignment/Race: Prophiluxian Prophesi / Psyrrian


- Dark purple hair
- Piercing purple eyes
- 4' 5" (child)
- 5' 8" (adolescent)
- 5' 11" (adult)
- Eyes, depending on the situation, can flare pure black with red irises
- Prefers black or dark-colored clothing


- Can be joking and comical in many situations
- Also has a very serious and stern side
- Also has an "evil" personality (contracted after killing Dahk)


- Telekinesis
- Manipulation of many forms of matter (but not an actual elemental in its form)
= If fire is present, he can manipulate the air around it and seem like he can control the element
= He can't really summon it, however.
- Darkness and Destruction (after killing Dahk)
- Artifical Ragnerius ability (to be described later)


- Dark Zanite Full-Body Armor: A dark-purple and black armor that has jutted edges that resemble spikes. The headgear is a mask that covers only his nose and mouth. A psy-shield can be summoned from the mask, however, and cover the entire head. Dark Zanite is very unstable but durable. Syk is required to use a fraction of his telekinesis to hold the armor together.

- Stability Gauntlet: Always worn on Syk's right hand, it impedes his darkness and destruction ability. He only removes it when he "gets serious".

- ECO and ESU: Energy Conduit Orb (allows him to conduct energy types [enhances his element manipulation ability]), and Energy Storage Unit (allows him to store energy types in his armor) allow him to reach a high potential on the battlefield. He prefers to stay back, however.

Special Abilities:

Artificial Rage Ability: Shadow Control

After being forced to kill his beloved yet corrupt brother for the greater good of the Templar force, Syk promises to continue his brother's existence by bonding his soul with his own. Some darkness and destruction element is also transferred, and Syk realizes he is not yet strong enough to control such power, proving so when he turns on his brethren. After a couple weeks, his Dark Zanite Stability Gauntlet was made in order to impede his corruption. Not long later, he manages to control the darkness.

Shadow Control takes its toll on both his appearance and personality, as well as the usage of his power and strength of his attacks.

= Appearance:

- Hair turns sleek black
- Eyes turn black with red irises
- A glyph (in black) wraps around his eye and runs down his chest
- His armor becomes more "erratic", sprouting even darkness wings from his back as well as an enhancement in his armor (more spikes, larger shoulderplates, larger kneeplates..etc). This only happens if he is wearing armor. If not, he becomes equipped with a black cape and black leather armor.

= Personality

- Syk becomes much more smug than he usually is
- Acts with spunk, arrogance, but his calculating personality remains; barely makes mistakes
- Hostile and more aggressive than his usual, calm, cool self.

= Power

- Morphs his "purple" telekinesis with the "black" darkness to create a mixture of darkness and psy-bolts. Very...spectacular.
- Can use "Death Beam", the exact opposite of the Purification Nova: kills on touch
- Enhanced speed, strength, and even summoning abilities, casting speeds...etc

Awakened Spell Ability: Purification Nova

When in a desperate situation or need of an extremely powerful AoE attack, Syk (only when in contact of Ray) can call upon the legendary forgotten power of the Memris, the Purification Nova.

Ray is in charge of the Nova. By name, a nova is more of a radius attack, meaning it's circular. Ray takes all the energy of a radial effect and concentrates it into a beam, resulting in a more devastating attack. Syk is in charge of the Charge, a concentrated mass of Darkness and Psy, about the size of a marble. The amount of element within the marble is near infinity however, and therefore, the marble itself weighs near equal the weight of Omega's Planetary Cruiser. Obviously, the creation is very unstable.


Born in Psyrria, Syk Ristrandeltis was raised under his royal family and whipped into shape by his father, Lord Senior Ristrandeltis. He grew up never knowing the comfort of a mother and under the harsh rule of his father. His brother, Dahk Ristrandeltis, was his only salvation in his world of hell.

He grew up being a loner, having barely any friends. However, his intellectual ability was very high and potent, and he quickly grew to become the model child of his race. With extraordinarily high marks and performance ability, Syk was seen as a role model by teachers and citizens alike, and his father even grew to respect him. He was potent on becoming the next leader of Psyrria.

This is when Dahk went corrupt. Having lost his mind to some demon named Shadys, he broke his connections with Syk and left him to destroy the Temples of Power. Syk, now completely alone, broke down and ran away from home. Not long later, Psyrria was laid to ruins by Dahk's army.

The leader of the Prophilux at the time, Ultima Enigmus, had heard news of a great tactician named Syk Ristrandeltis. He sought him out and pleaded for his help in defending the Temples. Syk replied by migrating to the Temple of Hope, one of the Temples left unfazed by Dahk's siege thus far. With his telekinesis and mastery of Ancient magic and psy-magic, he managed to fend off the army there. The Temple of Control was also mysteriously saved by a warrior bathed in light.

Many years later, when Dahk had finally grown to become a Dark Lord, Syk teamed up with the Light Warrior, Ray Solarius, to take him down once and for all. Being forced to kill his brother was an enormous emotional trauma for Syk, and he dropped out of the Templar army for a while. During that period of time, he made a vow to continue on his brother's existence by bonding his brother's soul to his own. In the process, however, some of the darkness and destruction magic that Dahk possessed was transferred to Syk and gave him a special "power"/curse.

Over the years, Syk became promoted as an Honor Guard for the new leader of the Templars, Omega Enigmus. He became known as the master tactician for the Templar army and, although he doesn't fight much, he became feared as the Ripper (one of his earlier signature moves was to rip his enemy apart limb by limb during Shadow Control).

The last remaining Ristrandeltis family bloodline lives on..

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Syk Ristrandeltis [Dark Hope] Empty Update 2013 [1/5]

Post  SykR on 1/5/2013, 4:52 pm

Syk Ristrandeltis

An update concerning his armor, powers and specialties has been revised. A concept on his power has also been altered.


- Aethic Manipulation (Psychic):

: Aether is the medium through which many elements and substances 'react' with. Scientists of our century and centuries before have argued the existence of it, and thus, it will be used as the medium in which telekinesis occurs.

: The visual 'aura' of aether will take on the color of the user's soul (or a controlled color), in Syk's case, a light purple or magenta.

: Syk's version of Aethic Manipulation also allows him to consume a certain fixed amount of an element and use it before its charge runs out. This has been given the name "Conductor"/"Channeler", which several works of equipment have been known to govern as well.

: Aethic Manipulation encompasses telekinesis, mental imaging, mental tweaking, magnetism, and illusory tricks, among other conventional practices.

-Dark Aether (Darkness):

: After he was forced to kill his brother in a battle of the First Magus Era, Dahk's energy was absorbed into Syk's left arm, acting as a lacrima, or energy-holding component, for darkness. (See Armor for the update on that).

: Syk's Darkness power reaches about rank V, about the same as Dahk's. This means he can mix Darkness with other elements he channels and create a Dark element of many forms (e.g. Black Flame, Dark Ice, ...there is no Black Light, however).

: Naturally, Darkness can consume (or absorb) Darkness. With enough energy, Darkness can also snuff out light. Darkness is also naturally parasitic and expanding (see Armor section for containment update).


- Dark Zanite:

: As of this update, Dark Zanite is a dark-component of its natural element, Zanite. It is unstable, but extremely durable and strong.

: Dark Zanite maintains an element's natural substance. It encases his entire body in a sleek, smooth fashion. The only jagged section of his armor exists on his right arm, to enhance the power of his Aether.

: Dark Zanite is extremely resistant to explosions and many elements. However, with a strong enough force, it may shatter. Syk can use his Aethic Manipulation (specifically, telekinesis) to piece the armor back together from the shards it releases, however, making the armor thinner and thinner per repair.

- Containment Cloak:

: In order to prevent his darkness of his left arm to travel throughout the rest of his body, a cloak (a cloth) drapes over his left arm.

: The cloak is made of energy and thus is very difficult to break. It, however, acts as a unflammable fabric that is resistant to explosions and whatnot.

: If the arm comes in contact with light, the darkness spreads. Syk only takes off the cloak in naturally dark areas or when in battle and prepared for the toll on his body.


- Mass Magnetism

: Syk can use a huge amount of his spiritual energy to compress a ball of air mixed with aether into a small ball weighing many tons.

: Naturally, this ball is highly unstable and reacts to the slightest touch. Syk can choose to either strike it against an enemy (ripping him apart), the ground (causing tectonic movement), against a soft cushion of air (creating a shredding air movement), or with a propulsion (the Purification Nova), or even against a small sample of an element to create a weaker from of its mass magic.

: Using Mass Magnetism puts Syk in a very weak state, dropping all of his elemental manipulation levels to II or III (difficult to cast).

: He cannot summon more than one at once.

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